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10'000'000'000 m

10'000'000'000 meters or 10'000'000 km corresponds approximately to the distance from the Sun to our innermost planet Mercury. On Mercury the day with temperatures of about 250°C at night and within a short time after Sonnennuntergang -150°C.

10'000'000'000 Fr.

The annual Swiss federal budget comes slowly in these sizes.

10'000'000'000 Bq

10 GBq is already adequate radioactivity. However, we are still below the activity of waste packages with medium-level waste. This activity we expect of the glass blocks from the incineration and melting plant of ZWILAG if containers were with activities of 1 GBq and more processed. 10 to 10 Bq a scarce Curie (old unit of radioactivity: 1 Ci = 3.7E +10 Bq).

10'000'000'000 s

Before 10 billion seconds, or from about 300 years ago lived and reigned in France or the "Sun King" Louis XIV (1638-1715)