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100'000'000'000'000 m

At a distance of 100'000'000'000'000 or 100 trillion km, we are already 10 times as far away from the Sun than Pluto. The sun appears there in the sky like a very bright star. That it is a ball, barely visible to the naked eye.

100'000'000'000'000 Fr.

100'000'000'000'000 CHF meens slowly but surely an unrealistic and incomparable amount of money. It will comply with the order of the world's annual budget of all continents including the illegal trade activities and the black market, which are made in a year. The amount of 100 trillion francs by 1'000 of assets of our daily compared with PC crashes recalled friend Bill Gates.

100'000'000'000'000 Bq

The activity of 100 TBq or 1E+14 Bq corresponds to the radioactivity of an entire inventory of spent fuel rod. A fuel rod contains several hundred fuel pellets.

100'000'000'000'000 s

The time was 100 trillion seconds, or 3'000'000 years ago called the Pliocene. The land bridge between North and South America began to form, what effects on the spread of many animal species, such as the mammoths from Africa to Asia to North and South America had increased. The South American fauna that had developed independently in isolation changed to: The saber-toothed cats pushed the terror birds from the top of the food pyramid. In Europe, the Middle Pliocene died Deinotherien from those in Africa only in the Lower Pleistocene.