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10'000'000'000'000'000 m

10'000'000'000'000'000 m or 10'000'000'000'000 km or 10 trillion m corresponds to about 1 light year. The light sets per second, a distance of 300'000 km, or about 7 times per second revolves around the globe. At a distance of 1 light year the Sun appears only as a star on the sky. Nevertheless, we have covered only 1/4 of the distance to the next all star. One of the Voyager spacecraft is on its way to Alpha Centauri. They started in the 1980s and will be about 110'000 years in pierced completely reached the goal. Amazingly, the thing moving at 40 km/s.

10'000'000'000'000'000 Fr.

For 10 trillion Swiss francs you will be able to buy the ground area of Africa and Europe at a reasonable price per square meter.

10'000'000'000'000'000 Bq

10'000'000'000'000'000 Bq or disintegrations per second, equivalent to 10 PBq. This radioactivity is found in a whole spent fuel assembly.

10'000'000'000'000'000 s

Brd before 10 seconds or more simply from 300'000'000 years ago was the end of the super continent. A supercontinent is a plate tectonic concept, the continuous land mass of all or at least almost all of continental cratons or nuclei of the lithosphere of the earth describes a. The border to the Great Continent is fluid.