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1'000'000 m

1'000'000 m or 1'000 km is the diameter of Jupiter's moon Europa. to travel for 1'000 km with the car you already requires about 10-12 hours.

1'000'000 Fr.

1'000'000 CHF or short is 1 Milliönli it's been a small villa with change. At least in the Aargau.

1'000'000 Bq

1'000'000 Bq or 1 MBq roughly equivalent to the radioactivity in the weakest waste containers. One can measure only low dose rates in micro-Sievert area. Such containers are not problematic for the handling, which may be manual or could.

1'000'000 s

1 million seconds, or approximately 12 days will take a cruise from Europe to South America but to return.