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1'000'000'000 m

The sun has a diameter of about 1'000'000 km. We are already more than 2 decades in the diameter of Earth. So a giant ball.

1'000'000'000 Fr.

Federal Councillor Christoph Blöchlinger has or had a fortune of 2-3 billion Swiss francs. We are now in the rank orders of magnitude 75 in the wealth ranking of Switzerland.

1'000'000'000 Bq

1 waste container with 1 GBq activity can be viewed from the NPP as the upper average for waste containers with endkonditionierten operational waste. With a radioactive source of this activity should only be worked before with remote handling.

1'000'000'000 s

1 billion seconds, or more simply about 32 years was the life expectancy of people in earlier times. Soon, a person needs to grow up to 32 years.