Gubi's Homepage mit Zeta Producer 14 erstellt

» LiveStream Webcam on 3th floor with landscape on Aare river valley and the village "Villnachern". The camera can be turned around in all directions. 35x optical zoom availible. Mountains, castles and other objects presetted. Activation of ActiveX control to install proposed AXIS media control element required. Please use the H.264 compression if possible. Don't record videos for public purposes ! See » Time-lapse

Webcam on 2nd floor with view on the Aare river valley and the village "Villnachern". Villnachern is located at the south side of the Boezberg hill, canton Aargau, Switzerland. Altitude = 440 m. LiveStream not yet availible because privacy violation. Username: gubi, password: gubi. Please explain by » Email the reason for your enquiry f.e. using as weather cam or else.
» LiveStream Webcam on 1st floor in the location of the band "The Revivals" in Villnachern, Switzerland. We are playing each Tuesday from 8.00 p.m to 11.00 pm. Central European Time. Activation of ActiveX control and installing proposed elements for image stream and sound required. To get the video stream you need a username and a password. The device is an AXIS M1031-W Network Camera.

» Stunden- und » Tageszeitraffer von AXIS Q6032-E Webcam in Villnachern.

» Zeitraffer von TrendNet Webcam in Villnachern

Weitere » Live Webcams weltweit, die ohne Kennwort benutzt werden können.