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How big is the probability of being struck by lightning? It is slightly higher than the 6 numbers from 45 numbers to type in the lottery. Lotto millionaires are now struck by lightning more than other individuals? No one knows. Therefore, one speaks also of probability.


The following table shows the likelihood that something arrives is understood that the first column a year per person (worldwide) evaluated the in and the second column in a full 80 years of life. The results are in 1: within the defined time period N, where N is an integer. The larger N the smaller the probability that the accepted case arrives within the time period. Link to » "World Clock".

  Santander occurring case Probability of 1 individual per year Probablity for 1 individual in 80 years Remarks, regarding
6 correct numbers in the » SWISS-LOTTO 6 Tips for at CHF 1.50 per drawings in 2 weeks. 1:13'053 1:163 In 6 out of 45 numbers, there are 8'145'060 possible combinations. For secure first prize would live to ripe old age and patience to be quite inadequate.
5 correct numbers + 2 stars in the » Euro millions lottery at 12 tips per week. 1:186'749 1:2'334 In 116'531'800 possible combinations would have more like 2'200 lives (!) Claim and thereby contribute annually about 1'000 Fri bet to land the jackpot.
» Lightning fatalities 1:1'000'000 1:12'500 Based on the entire Swiss population. The deaths caused by lightning more often take the hikers.
Risk group, » cigarette smoker 1:500 1:6 Smokers beware that you will not be struck by lightning!
Risk group » Transmittion line installers 1:645 1:8 Based on the population which exerts such a profession.
Death by crime 1:11'549 1:144 Based on the world's population.
» Cancer resulting in death 1:911 1:11 All types of cancer considered.
Death by » war influence 1:37'663 1:471 Global statistical analysis
Death by » dog attack 1:70'000'000 1:875'000 1 death within 10 years (1 case in 2005 in Switzerland, but the last case in 2010 in Germany)
Death from » heart disease 1:405 1:5 Caution: This risk, although it is generally very high, can be reduced by themselves.
Infection with HIV virus 1:3'180 1:40 Global view. The frequency is related to the regions are very different.
Death by suicide 1:8'186 1:102 Can be influenced, of course, himself.
Death by » paraglider accident 1:555 1:7 Based on the population that carries the sport.
Death by » plane crash 1:244'265 (4 hrs. per yr.) 1:3'053 (4 hrs. per yr.) In » 2010 829 passengers were killed worldwide due to aircraft accidents. In 2011 there were "only" 498. You would fly 105 years without interruption that the fatal event arrives.
Death by accident of a professional roofer 1:1'538 1:19 Based on the population which exerts such a profession.
Death by » traffic accident 1:5'422 1:68 Based on the world's population. In developed countries, because of various "measures" the probability is reduced.
Death by fall 1:16'302 1:204 All lintels eg trees, buildings, stairs, etc. considered by mountains.
Death by 20 mSv » radiation dose 1:64'000 1:3'200 The latency period for cancer is radiation-indexed set at this angle to 20 years.
Death by 1 Sv » radiation dose 1:400 1:20 The additional risk of cancer resulting in death is 5 %. The latency period is 20 years.
Death due to hit from a » meteorite 1:300 Mrd. 1:3.75 Mrd. A personal injury is on average "only" to be expected every 50 years. To date, the violation of a person by direct contact with a meteorite is found only in one case.
Death by » snake bite 1:68'200 1:852 5 million people are » bitten each year by poisonous snakes. 100,000 die from the effects of such bites, such as the WHO announced on 03.05.2010.